I grew up at the base of a chat pile in Picher Oklahoma with the most amazing Grandmother & Mom a girl could ask for.  They could make a beautiful dress out of curtains, when that dress had served its purpose they would use it to piece together a gorgeous quilt.  Nothing was wasted.  My Grandma Dorothy grew up during the Great Depression, and raised her family while my Grandpa Jessie served in the Navy.  Times were hard but love and innovation was plenty.
Because of the amazing women in my family, I’ve been ingrained to look at everyday objects & see them for more than their expected purpose. I especially love making lamps.  It can be as simple as rewiring an old antique and giving it new life, or turning a cheese grater into a pendant that casts amazing shadows on your kitchen counter top!

The possibilities are endless… follow me and see what we can come up with!!!

Kristin Huke
Mom, Artist, Creative Director of my own life!