Hello Everyone!

I’ve got a great gift idea for you today.  Personalization is all the rage these days. You see signs everywhere that show family names, monograms, special dates, etc.  Well, I took this idea and created my own version and am offering it to you.  These signs are hand-painted and can be special ordered to match your monogram, established date and home decor color.  If you are looking for a wedding gift or anniversary gift, these would be perfect.  Or, if you are just needing a little something to add to your own decor and want to add that personalized touch, you can order one for yourself.  The size is approximately 12-14 inches tall and 5-6 inches wide.  My wood supply does vary sometimes so that is why I give approximates but it will be within these ranges unless a different size is requested.  The cost is $25.00.  When you order, I am given a 2 week window to get the order completed.  However, I’m pretty fast 😉  I can usually get one of these signs done in a couple of days.  The only thing that would make it take longer is if I got an abundance of orders.  So if you are interested, don’t delay in placing an order.  Come in, call, email Repurpose Boutique today to place your personalized order.  Thanks for looking and have a blessed day!

Monogrammed Established Sign with Decorative Hook